Safe Driving a Car at Night

Safe Driving a Car at Night

Nearly 90 percent of a person’s ability when driving a car depends on vision. But the ability to see it will decrease at night. No wonder, driving a car at night is one of the most dangerous activities. Of all fatal car accidents, 49 percent occur at night. Even though you already have car insurance that covers all the damage done to the car during the accident, if you are not careful it will cause quite dangerous problems such as the driver dies, very serious injuries and so on.

8 bright ideas for safer night driving: Things every driver should ...

driving at night to avoid accidents that occur and always safe when driving a car at night, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Make sure the windshield is always clean

Dirty windshield will certainly disturb vision. If you want to drive at night it’s good to clean the windshield first. Just in case, make sure the glass cleaner container is filled. It would be better if filled with a special liquid glass cleaner car. So that when exposed to splashes or dirt cleaning fluid can clean it.

2. Using Lights With Good Lighting

Car lights with the best lighting will provide security to the driver, and will certainly provide lighting on the trip well. But it does not make the driver in front to be dazzled and disturbed.

3. Adjust the Headlight Spotlight for Optimal

Many people who have headlights with poor spotlight. Either it’s too low or too high. If the front spotlight is too low, it won’t be able to see the road. And if it’s too high up it will definitely disturb other motorists. then adjust the headlight beam optimally.

4. Avoid the use of window film that is too dark

When driving at night, the use of window film certainly affects visibility and visibility more than driving during the day. The recommended size for darkness is 20 percent for the windshield and 40 percent for the side glass and rear glass.

5. As much as possible do not drive alone

In addition to paying attention to everything on the car, but paying attention to personal safety is also worth doing. If you are going to drive a car at night, you should invite someone to accompany you. It aims to avoid themselves from crimes that occur at night.

By following various tips above, driving at night is not a problem. Even if driving long distances is not scary. However, there is one important thing that must not be forgotten, namely praying before starting the journey.

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